YMCAs have led health and fitness programs for people of all ages, incomes and abilities for more than a century. We also focus on overall wellness, empowering you to tailor your own plan toward healthier living by choosing how you will accomplish your wellness goals. The whole approach means you have many options and lots of support as you choose your path to a healthier new you!

Wellness Center

Cardio Zone - The cardiovascular area of the Y contains 15 pieces of equipment that can meet the needs of people at any fitness level. Ease into exercise with our various bikes, both recumbent and upright, or take it up a notch with some of the treadmills, crosstrainers, and elliptical machines that the Y has to offer!

Core Training Room - A specialized area providing machines, medicine balls, and a mat to help individuals strengthen and stretch their abdominals and lower back. This area is secluded from the main area of the fitness center enabling people to perform exercises in moderate privacy.

Strength Training Zone - Split into two rooms, our multiple weight machines provide detailed instructions on the display panel that explain each exercise and the muscles on which they focus. The weight stacks on each machine are designed to enable users to increase the weight by as little as 5 lbs., allowing people to gradually progress their conditioning. Our complete list of machines target the total body so anyone can get a great workout just by using weight machines at the Y.

Free Weight Zone - Our free weight area contains multiple adjustable and non-adjustable benches for flat, decline, or incline bench and shoulder pressing. Our dumbbells offer rubber sides with ergonomically- improved grips to reduce fatigue of the forearm and hand muscles. Our state of the art Smith machine and cable machine provide equipment for multiple exercises and countless variations.

Group Exercise Room - Multiple classes taught by experienced instructors are offered daily in the air conditioned group exercise room, which also features a suspended wooden floor that allows some give upon impact, reducing joint stress. We strive to accommodate all fitness levels from beginners and seniors to advanced fitness junkies. Exercises are complemented by a pull-up bar, weighted bars, hand-held dumbbells, jump ropes, resistance bands, and stability balls.

Group Fitness Classes

Member Fee: Free
Non-Member Fee $10/visit

Group Exercise Membership

If you love the Group Exercise classes but find that you never use the machines, this membership is for you! Now you can join the Y for $20 a month with a one-time joiner's fee of $20 and only work out in a class! All basic classes are included and you'll recieve the member rate for premium classes. Register for your favorite classes to reserve your space, and switch to any Y membership for more access. Stop by the front desk for more information.

Check our Group Exercise Schedule each month for the most recent classes!

Wellness Services

Personal Training
Sessions are by appointment with Garett Daley.
Program Fee $30/hour

Nutritional Health Coaching
Eating habits are an important aspect of healthy living. What we eat affects our health and wellbeing. We have made a commitment to encourage our community to be healthier by offering a variety of programs, now including classes with our Certified Nutritional Health Coach, Jess Tarleton. * Free 6 week session to members